Happy Salmon Review – Fantastic Fin-Flapping Fun!

Ok, here is a quick post about a quick game we got recently. It is called Happy Salmon. It is a very simple card game about shouting and having fun!

In this game, three to six players each get a pack of 12 cards. These packs contain a mixture of actions that need to be done in pairs: High Five, Pound It (fist bump), Switcheroo (physically swap places) and Happy Salmon (stick your arm out like a salmon fin and flap flippers with the other person!).

To play the game:

  • Each person looks at the top card in their pack and shouts out the action on it.
  • If they find someone else with the same card they do the action with that person, then discard their card.
  • The winner is the first to get rid of their cards.
  • That’s it!
The cards in the game


Due to this simplicity, Happy Salmon can be played with pretty much all ages. I would say that as long as you can read the cards, you can play. Obviously since it is a very noisy game kids love it, but it can also be played and enjoyed by fully grown adults, as an icebreaker at an event, warm up for a game session, or any family gathering.

Depending on the players the noise can get a bit much to be honest, so luckily there is a quiet variant to the rules. Here you play the same way, but you aren’t allowed to speak. This can be even more fun than the original, as everyone sits around frantically making hand gestures to each other in an increasingly urgent fashion!

A limitation to playing could be for players with reduced movement, who e.g. can’t move around the table quickly for a Switcheroo.  To get around this, a different action could be invented for that card, or the Switcheroo cards could be removed.  The different coloured packs also have symbols on them so they can be distinguished for anyone with colour blindness.

You can take the Salmon anywhere!


On top of all of this, the pack it comes in is a cool neoprene salmon shaped bag, great for travel.  The original is green, and there is also a blue variant of the game.  This is exactly the same game but the packs are different colours, so can be combined for up to 12 player madness!  On top of that, I have just heard that a ‘sequel’ of sorts will come out this year, called Funky Chicken.  This has more standing up dance moves and can be played separately or also combined with the Salmon!

So, this is a great little game for anyone to have in their game drawer, and I advise everyone to flap their flippers and go out and get it!


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